About me

Born in Borgomanero, based in Turin since 2007 because this city is a wonderful ‘trap’. Graduated in Graphic and Virtual Design at Polytechnic University of Turin and in Digital Trasformation for SME at Talent Garden Innovation School (Milan).

I’m passionate about Art, Graphic Design and Newspapers (I collect them from all over the world, if you want to get rid of those you have around the house I can add them to my collection). I love talking with people and I organize TEDx events.

Travel makes me happy and I visit places with an open mind, asking locals to teach me and let me try new foods and stuff, I like to act as a local everywhere I go.
Friends say that I am StrongBrave and Creative.

Here an infographic about my skills:




Ehy, I’d love to read from you!

Write me at: gaiaalbamail@gmail.com


Thank you!